It is culture industry inheritance group Lake Mount Kurikoma, Izu, inner marsh, Hanayama side, char bowl, former Oshu Highway in modern times……
In Kurihara-shi, it is next kitekerain.
New event information
Event tour held
A lot of wonderful photographs of Kurihara gathered this time. What kind of photograph would shine in the highest award?
Attractive Mount Kurikoma and the neighboring local beautiful scenery.
Does everybody not go to watch the splendid scenery of the Kurihara foot of a mountain, too?
Campaign, others
When sightseeing, an experience, staying, a meal stay using a rent-a-car in a registration shop in Kurihara-shi, I can receive cashback according to an amount of money that I used.
Please use even homecoming for the business casually♪
I introduce a profile of Kurihara-shi mascot character "nejirihonnyo" and a future schedule, an activity report.
I introduce original goods ♪ For more details, in a link!
In the bad road, the uphill slope, the bicycle "ridge runner" with the electric assistant player performs the rental such as city cycles easily at JR Kurikoma-Kogen Station, Kurihara-shi tourist information center ♪ Please enjoy large Kurihara by bicycle!
For power to live gradually.
I gradually come when I take a trip to the district.
A trip to gradually become interestingly even after going home.
Do you not do it?
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Tourist attraction
Tourist attraction
Mount Kurikoma
Mt. 100 people of the flower. It is the mountain which can enjoy the spring fresh green, summer mountain climbing, autumn colored leaves, a winter snow scene and the nature beauty in the four seasons.
World damp land
The world damp land with a meaning called "large damp ground" is a treasure house of alpine plants on slim damp ground in Mount Kurikoma.
Lake Izu, inner marsh
At Tohoku's greatest low land wetlands "marsh inner Lake Izu," "Suma fishing" is held in August at flowering time.
It is spotted a souvenir a meal
It is spotted a souvenir a meal
Taste, specialite de la maison of Kurihara
Specialty "char bowl" and side dumpling, Hanayama soba……. It is full of gourmet information of Kurihara.
Restaurant information
I introduce the special shop including the shop which a hideaway dining room and a farming family following from generation to generation run.
It is a special product a souvenir
I publish the shop which can purchase a special product in Kurihara-shi and a representative handicraft article.
Hot spring, staying information
Hot spring, staying information
Hot spring information
I have abundant "Kurikoma five hot water" and natural hot springs of the location preeminence including Hanayama Onsen which there is at the Kurikoma foot of a mountain for a long time.
Accommodations information
There are a budget hotel and an inn, a hot-spring hotel, various types of accommodations including the mountain cottage.
Hot spring, accommodations map
You can confirm the place of each facility. When I look for facilities near the destination, it is convenient.
Experience-based spot
Experience-based spot
Recreation spot
Including Hosokura mine park, I introduce a spot to various leisure.
Trekking, mountain climbing
There is each route for beginner - seniors in Mount Kurikoma which is famous for an alpine plant and colored leaves.
Flower, flowering information of Kurihara
Murder plateau plant and Sanno park of historic interest of Mount Kurikoma; garden noayamenado, the flowering information of each place from this.
Kurihara-shi official web site
Kurihara regional sightseeing information
The trip that a smile is for show whenever it blooms
South Iwate, the north Miyagi sightseeing site information desk
Mount Kurikoma
Association of general corporate judicial person Kurihara-shi sightseeing product
Kurikoma foot of a mountain Geopark promotion meeting
Hosokura mine park
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