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The museum where a chestnut does not appear

It is 2007 (Heisei 19) that it was in an abolished line while "kurihara rural district railroad" got close to by a nickname of "a chestnut does not appear" by the single line local line which performed a passenger, carriage of goods is regretted.
  As an activity to introduce the history into in history, "the event that a chestnut does not appear" is held at the old Wakayagi station.
  You use "ride society where a chestnut does not attend" and "rail motorcycle" and "kurihara denentetsudokoenshibaseihiromejo" which is next to chestnut former Wakayagi Station who does not appear to many of you as an oasis.
  A new spot was born again at such a chestnut old Wakayagi Station who did not appear!
  Fun!" But, it is right here!
  At the experience-based tourist attraction "chestnut old Wakayagi Kurihara-shi station which does not appear"
I look forward to your coming.

Museum zone

o along the line reappears and rolls it up and does not appear, but, in the museum, there is a mini theater conveying the history that a driving simulator, a chestnut to experience in the driver's seat of a running diorama and the vehicle which actually commercially operated do not appear by drama makeup other than the display of the valuable document of the kurihara rural district railroad. 
In addition, there are the display of the vehicle at the time of the business and the display of the machine tool which was actually used, and see kurideno, and touch the storage of engine garage, repair that is remains of an ancient structure conveying building technique between Taisho and Showa, and can experience it; is provided equipment.

The use guidance

Opening time
From 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (as for the entering a building until 4:00 p.m.)
Closed day
Every Tuesday and New Year holidays
Entering a building charges individual
General (more than a high school student) 500 yen
Primary and secondary student 300 yen
Entering a building charges group
General (more than a high school student) 400 yen
Primary and secondary student 240 yen
Entering a building charges annual passport
General (more than a high school student) 1,300 yen
Primary and secondary student 800 yen
Driving simulator
Once 300 yen
※Assume it a first-come-first-served basis, time-designated at a reception desk; do it.
kurihara denentetsudokoen
A zip code: 989-5501 Kurihara-shi, Miyagi Wakayagi character Kawakita mound no root 17-1
A phone number: 0228-24-7961
A fax number: 0228-24-7962
An E-mail:
Note 1 is effective for the passport for one year from an issue date in the year.
As for the corresponding below, entering a building charges become the exemption note 2. Please show a notebook and a certificate at a reception desk.
・Person (in the case of the first grade, the second grade, I exempt one caregiver) who receives the grant of the certificate of the physically disabled
・Person (I exempt one caregiver) who receives the grant of the nursing notebook
・Person (I exempt one caregiver) who receives the grant of the mental patient health welfare notebook
・The person who receives the grant of the identification of person of Kurihara-shi driver's license independence return
・The person who receives the grant of the driving career certificate
・The social education facilities which enters it using free open business (Kurihara green passports)

Attraction zone

In kurihara denentetsudokyuwakayanagieki, I can take a rail motorcycle and a diesel train (KD).
 In addition, I display the good old vehicle including M153, ED203, wafu 7 form and the to 10 form.

Chestnut ride society not to be given (KD95)

As chestnut ride society of the diesel diesel train (KD95, KD11) which I operated in the sales people who did not appear, I started from 2010 (Heisei 22).
I purchase a hard ticket ticket at the time in the old Wakayagi station building of the appearance to feel "Showa", and pull a wicket and I make a round trip to the distance of approximately 900 meters of one way in just like atmosphere at the time in KD95 (diesel diesel train) and travel. I look forward to your visit this year.
The details are this

Rail motorcycle ride society

I reciprocate between 900 meters of one-way wards from kurihara denentetsudokoenkyuwakayanagieki to the Ishikoshi area.
I pass through the old Wakayagi station yard and, in spite of being the o run that a quiet rural scenery follows along the line, can expect Mount Kurikoma.
You feel wind, and do you not take it at one's own pace while watching such a scenery?

The details are this

Diesel train (KD95) driving experience

I can operate a diesel train (KD95) which I operated at the time of business.
After checking an offer essential point, please apply within an application period.

The details are this

Chestnut lawn Park which does not appear

 There are kurihara denentetsudokoenkyuwakayanagieki and the monuments such as the direct sale place kuridenni railroad crossing and wind velocity machines that were actually used in the adjacent lawn open space, and there is the playground equipment which did a locomotive in a motif.
 Please spend even this lawn open space with the event that a chestnut is not over slowly in addition in whole family.
* Use time
As for the use time for parking lot and restroom in the garden, it becomes just at 5:00 p.m. from 9:00 a.m. 
※On March 31, antifreeze from December 1; save it, and a restroom and the drinking fountain are closed.
* Precautions
A park is an important place of recreation and relaxation for everybody. Anyone will follow the next rule and manner to use it happily comfortably anytime.
①Let's stop the use of the fire such as fireworks or the open fire.
②Please take the garbage home with you.
③We use the playground equipment definitely, and let's stop the dangerous play.
④The walk with the pet uses only a long way, and please do not enter the lawn.
⑤An owner, please take the feces home with him/her without letting go of dogs.
⑥You injure a lawn and a plant, and please do not practice golf.
⑦Let's stop being a nuisance to another person.

I check this

Lake Izu, inner marsh

The details of Lake Izu, the inner marsh are this

Lake Izu, Miyagi, inner marsh sanctuary center

The details of Lake Izu, the inner marsh sanctuary center are this

Hall with the Kurihara-shi sanctuary center for show

The details of the Kurihara-shi sanctuary center are this

The Kurihara-shi Tsukidate B & G ocean center boathouse

The details of the B & G ocean center boathouse are this
Association of general Kurihara-shi sightseeing product
Sightseeing in Kurihara-shi business and industry sightseeing Heta garden section
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