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A cloud of solitude mansion

I removed and rebuilt the old Satos house located in Hanayamamura character Kusakisawa Oda. Jutaro of the present head of a household is born and raised in this ground for the seventh generation and is said to be the person who detected a great swordsman by the late Tokugawa period with the greatest dojo studio, the natural gifts as the fencer of Shusaku Chiba later in the Edo era.
In the building generation, I am missing, but, judging from the plane shape, the dimensions between the pillar, housing technique, it is thought with the typical remains of an ancient structure of the large size private house which conveyed the characteristic of the upper air private house of this area in the old folk house which passed through around 230 years.
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Ushibuchi Park

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Hall of the Roadside Station way field village hanayama Japanese yam

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Sendai feudal clan Hanayamamura cold bath watch place trace

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