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Association summary


○ Association of April, 2006 Kurihara-shi sightseeing product establishment
・ I establish it for the purpose of contributing to the development promotion of the sightseeing product of Kurihara-shi and development of the local culture.
○ I become the general corporate judicial person in February, 2012 and decide a policy of the travel agency registration
○ Association of Kurihara-shi sightseeing product establishment general in August, 2012
・ I do sightseeing promotion business, product promotion business, other business about local promotion that I set of other certifications of incorporation with duties.
・ Membership ... 101 at the time of the establishment
・ Member of member breakdown ... individual member 51/ corporate member 32/ group 17/ supporting member 1 at the time of the establishment
○ Kind travel agency registration third in October, 2012
・ Governor of Miyagi registration travel agency third -348
・ Current membership ... 186
・ Member of current member breakdown ... individual member 91/ corporate member 63/ group 23/ supporting member 9
As of December, 2017

Basic policy

I promote business such as the travel agency to send charm of Kurihara to the whole country from different angles and do that I push forward sightseeing promotion by the tourism which utilized tourist attractions of Kurihara and product promotion such as market expansion or the product development of the attractive local article for sale with a basic policy.

Main business outline

○ Sightseeing promotion business
○ Product promotion business
○ Other business about local promotion
・ Travel agency (the second kind travel agency registration) based on the Travel Agent Act
* Creation sale of the landing type tour product to be available in Kurihara-shi and the adjacent local government
* Plan sale including the trip to workplace trip, training
* Arrangement of a school excursion, a camp, the extracurricular study
・ Collection and dispatch of the local information
・ Administration of various lectures, lectures, seminars
・ Business trustee business such as various groups
Association of general Kurihara-shi sightseeing product
Sightseeing in Kurihara-shi business and industry sightseeing Heta garden section
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