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Rent-a-car cashback campaign

[campaign summary]
Sightseeing and shopping, a meal, the campaign that cashback service can receive according to the amount of use when you stay are holding using a rent-a-car in torokuten* in Kurihara-shi until March 31, 2022!
When sightseeing and shopping, a meal stay using a rent-a-car in torokuten* in Kurihara-shi, the campaign that cashback service can receive according to the amount of use is open from April 1, 2021.
The target rent-a-car is JR Station rent-a-car around in Miyagi and Ichinoseki-shi, Iwate, Japan rent-a-car, Toyota Renta lease Miyagi, Toyota Renta lease Sendai.
When I receive a stamp card when I borrow a rent-a-car, and a meal, shopping, sightseeing stay in "a registration shop in Kurihara-shi", it is sealed one stamp every use of 500 yen.
It is an advantageous campaign that an amount of money depending on the number of the stamp is paid cashback at the time of rent-a-car return!
The period until March 31, 2022.
Which "want to see the sights of the favorite place freely without minding time" though "want to go for winter sports baggage which "the outskirts of Mount Kurikoma want to see colored leaves with much effort"…Please use "and the trouble!
A period: From April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022
A reference: Kurihara-shi government office business and industry sightseeing Heta garden sightseeing section 0228-22-1151

Registration shop in Kurihara-shi

[I watch it and experience it]
kurihara tourism network, kurihara denentetsudokoen, swamp museum of the wind, Hosokura mine park
Tsukidate shop, the shop palette of European cake & stone kiln bread studio, gift center chopsticks shop, sen*okuseika, food building MARUESU, state of things MARCHE, konchu building (hall with the Kurihara-shi sanctuary center for show), Wakayanagi Nosanbutsuchokubaijo Kuriden, Wakayagi home-woven goods (hataya), Tadami industry place, will nkoya, Nakasho store (this Mie room), meipuru confectionery, koseishoten, sanurashuho, Kurikoma shop, Marukyo, Okamoto long-established store, cake nosemmon ten*bunkakoten, station kurikoma of the mountain, Horikoshi store, the forest general shop of the cat, ganko supermarket Iwagasaki shop, soaked in Kurikoma main office Nijo, happy confectionery, Sekigawa liquor shop, hakuokushuzoten, Kawaguchi Green Center, mochi hut do not appear in the morning ajiwaino, kyookukakoten, Mise store, Grand jute, area product display sale facilities Ayamenosato, Hakuo kiln, agurikko Kanari, Princess AEON SUPERCENTER Co., Ltd. Shiwa, Kurihara shop, the epoka 21 sightseeing product building which is one of synthesis clothes, Hanayama fish farm, lakeside; show; is greens, YAMAZAKI shop Shinchaya, an abbot kiln, a Hanayama spot sale place in season
[hot spring]
Hot water of natural hot spring Takamori, Shinyu Onsen kurikoma-so, hairuzamu Kurikoma, kinnarionsenkinnariennenkaku, accommodation Yubama Onsen Miura inn of the lamp, Nuruyu Onsen Sato inn, Hanayama Onsen warm water mountain cottage
A restaurant, ribonambuya, seasonal Aya kitchen Fuki greens, feast dining cannot be filled kyomugisaga, Retunn return, a circle, and yoro***kanten, a Hotto Motto Tsukidateizu-cho shop, Marukatsu dining room, Miyagi Fumi field, kokorejo, CoffeeStand hishino fruit (Kurihara-shi swan Topia interchange building), an access ramen shop, closing a deal soba abechu, pal Loire, ramen Watari, a pork cutlet are elegant, and is Ginza hormone, a mountain range house, the building of the fish dishes char, Café worth menko and daishuoku (dumpling, taiyaki, ice-cream cone), Japanese-Western style restaurant Tirol, Shochiku Head Office, former flat sushi, taimu café, cafe chou chou, a freshly-picked fruit studio soil village dream, simple meal served for a drinking party Marukatsu, Saussurea Root coffee, ryutenhishikui, a restaurant irregularity, well, to dress a liquor and flower cafe flower sound, sushi good luck, agarain bower, the residence meals ajia, a restaurant hiba arborvitae, sabun liquor shop, a restaurant Dharma shop, cluster sushi, a Chinese food court noble, a pork cutlet Taro Yagane Kanari ion shop, the capital cloud dragon temple of the forest, the home office noodles shop to be constipated, and to praise, or see it, pork cutlet Taro Yagane Head Office, arima building, soba restaurant Honjin, epoka 21 (B & J kitchen (the fifth floor prospects restaurant)), epoka 21 (the first-floor restaurant lily of the valley), the village of the Teuchi soba flower dance, edible wild plant teahouse zarabo, a storehouse of farm soba Bo, building, the store of the Japanese yam are Izumi, too
[budget hotel, inn]
Budget hotel Tsukidate, hotel grand plaza Urashima, city hotel Kurihara, bell spring inn, hotel will bataya, Lake Kurihara-shi Izu interchange center, anekkusuhoteruabe, budget hotel Wakayagi, Abe inn, hotel art in Sugawara, Satake inn where a village of Ariga increased, Okamoto inn, hoteruepoka
Association of general Kurihara-shi sightseeing product
Sightseeing in Kurihara-shi business and industry sightseeing Heta garden section
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