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About the use of our site

Apologies of the top where you see our homepage

When you see our homepage, I hope that I have you understand it as follows.

About a copyright

The copyrights such as information, the contents on our site belong to association of sightseeing in Kurihara-shi product (the following, our association) and other possession incarnation.

The use such as cookies (Cookies)

For the convenience improvement of our site, I may use a cookie, Javascript, a web beacon (web beacon). These are aimed for the realization of the website that it is easy to use more and do not violate the privacy of the visitor and may not adversely affect the computer of the visitor again.

I can refuse these by the setting of the Web browser (browser), but, in that case, I read a part of this site function definitely and may not operate it.

A guarantee and responsibility

The use of our site shall be carried out in your responsibility. You act as the information on our site to keep it the correct and latest content, but please note that it is not a thing guaranteeing accuracy of all information and integrity.

Our association does not take responsibility for the damage that occurred by a visitor using information obtained from our site.
In addition, I do not take responsibility for all about the damage that a visitor occurred by the use such as the acquired information from the site setting a link in the site where our site sets a link or our site either.

Our association may change some or all of a stop, a stop, the contents of our site to the visitor without a prior notice

Governing law, competent court

About the use of our site, is destined particular elsewhere; shall be based on a Japanese federal law as far as there is not it, and, about all disputes to be concerned with the use of our site, do Sendai District Court with a first trial exclusive jurisdiction court.
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