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Hanayama gun Festival

On May 5, Hanayama gun Festival is held every year in old Hanayama Junior High School school grounds by a venue.
Various by the Hanayama gun festival said to that I follow from the affairs of a feudal clan era, and there is the history of approximately 300 years the highlight including an ancient rite gun line and the child line.

The firing dance of the matchlock of 12 orders which I took over in above all ancient technique is a force perfect score!
The sound of the matchlock which I prayed for staple grains fertile perfect state of health, my wife security, the healthy growth of children echoes in the Hanayama shore.
As both May 5 and the weather seem to be good, you are careful about heat stroke measures and sunburn measures enough, and please go out!



Hanayama gun Festival
Harmony first year May 5 (Sundays and holidays) to give it an order to start
The part of the morning: Venue Hanayama rhododendron center  
     Time from 10:00 to the midday
      * Songs and ballads show
      * Child river fish holder collecting
      * Open-air, special product sale
      * Mascot "gun evil" lottery reception desk
      * Making soba experience (oldness and interchange building)

The part of the afternoon: Mt. venue Mitake Shrine - road station way field Rika (hall of the Japanese yam) Route 398 - Hanayama synthesis branch
     Time afternoon 1-3:00
      * Ancient gun line
      * Child line     
      * Firing dance of the matchlock
      * Mascot "gun Gohei" elected candidate announcement, the presentation
      * Taking a ceremonial photograph (free-for-all) with the Class gun

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