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World damp land abiogenesis flower garden

On the slim damp ground where the world damp land with a meaning called "large damp ground" spreads from altitude 669 of Mount Kurikoma in the 707m zone
The treasure house of alpine plants. I can come across various kinds of alpine plants from May through September. Particularly, the large gregariousness of "the day lily" established to a flower of Kurihara-shi where damp ground is dyed orange is famous nationwide. The location requirements to be able to go from the exclusive parking lot in a 15-minute walk are one of the reasons of the popular spot.
About the flowering information of the alpine plant from this

State of the 2020 world damp land abiogenesis flower garden

October 24

There was still the green leaf, but reached puberty yellow.



Grass became yellow.


I saw the neighborhood of mountaintop.

August 10


A tiger lily bloomed.



I saw the neighborhood of mountaintop.


There was a dragonfly.


June 25

It is rainy world damp land today


The peak of the day lily has gone too far, but is still in time!


There was rainwater easily, and back geo-Yaw shined!

Sunday, June 21



Thursday, June 18

In the peak of the day lily, nikaketeninarukato will seem next week from this week!



Sunday, June 14

In the peak of the day lily, nikaketeninarukato will seem next week from this week!



A peak seemed to be over the cotton grass and the Rhododendron japonicum

Friday, June 12



Tuesday, June 9

The day lily reached a season at last, too!

Collaboration of Mount Kurikoma and the day lily♪
desuyone ^^ pretty as for the Menziesia multiflora
I was able to see the figure of the Enkianthus campanulatus, too!

State of the morning of Saturday, June 6


The bud of the day lily swells out♪


A color of the Rhododendron japonicum shines!
It is comfortable sunlight!
^^ where the Weigela hortensis blooms neatly

State of the morning of Thursday, June 4

Cotton grass is in full bloom sequentially♪


The Tateyama gentian blooms, too♪


The Rhododendron japonicum is in full bloom, too!


There was a day lily in the distance! !


A white hellebore is discovery ^^, too

State of the morning of Thursday, May 28

Beech forest before going to the tree way is very beautiful!


Comfortable weather!


I have a cute cotton grass♪

State of the afternoon of Tuesday, May 26

Weather was poor…(∀)


It is hard to turn out that it is a photograph, but cotton grass is in full bloom!


Other than cotton grass, a bog myrtle is saki itemashitayo ^^, too

State of the 2018 world damp land abiogenesis flower garden first moor

Friday, June 22

Flowering peaks!


Other than a day lily, the Enkianthus campanulatus is pretty, too; saki iteimashitayo ^^

Tuesday, June 12

It became the new tree way and became easy to walk.
The day lily begins to bloom, too.
It is slightly early this year.
There seems to be more number of flowers of the day lily than last year♪

Friday, June 1

Enkianthus campanulatus, Rhododendron japonicum, cotton grass are in full bloom.
The day lily still shuts♪

Hot spring in the neighborhood

hairuzamu Kurikoma

The details of hairuzamu Kurikoma are this

Shinyu Onsen kurikoma-so

The details of Shinyu Onsen kurikoma-so are this

Mountain range house

The details of the mountain range house are this

Komanoyu Onsen

The details of Komanoyu Onsen are this

I check this

Mount Kurikoma

The details of Mount Kurikoma are this

Fukayama Makino

The details of Fukayama Makino are this

Wild Tozawa

The details of wild Tozawa are this

It is the hall of the fish farm char a number again

The details of the hall of the fish farm char are this a number again
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