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Lake Izu, inner marsh

Lake winter Izu, inner marsh

2,000-3,000 whooper swans come over to Lake Izu, the inner marsh every year. Lake Izu, an inner marsh is the best wintering ground of the whooper swan in Japan. From the dike of the marsh, a big swan can look at the scene of the force perfect score blown off over a head.
In addition, the wild goose is a winter bird representing Lake Izu. Tens of thousands of wild geese come over to the Lake Izu for wintering every year. I lie on the surface of the water of the marsh, but when it is morning, it flies away all at once and eats omission fir trees at night in the rice field around the marsh. The scene that a flock of wild geese flies away backed by the sunrise and the fluttering are very impressive. Fluttering and the cry when the wild goose of the inner marsh flies away all at once Lake Izu are solemn, of Ministry of the Environment "is chosen as "Japanese sound scenery 100 selections" that want to leave it for.
In addition, the wild goose which it is the evening, and comes back to the marsh is worth seeing and can see the state that the beautiful wild goose which is V-shaped, and lines up, and came back lowers the altitude to by the unique way of flying called wild geese alighting on the field near the marsh.
It may be said that a wide, safe marsh and Izu marsh, the inner marsh which a very large rice field is necessary, but comprised these whichever are right sanctuaries of wild geese to feed these tens of thousands of wild geese.
※Ministry of the Environment website

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