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Lake Izu, inner marsh

Lake summer Izu, inner marsh

At Tohoku extending over Kurihara-shi and Tome-shi's greatest low land wetlands "marsh inner Izu marsh," "Suma fishing" is held in total at the flowering time of the lotus. On a small pleasure boat, I can look at the lotus in full glory all over the surface of a lake close.

Lake Izu, inner marsh hasumatsuri

Lake Izu, inner marsh hasumatsurinitsuite

◆From period Saturday, July 20 to Saturday, August 31
◆From time 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (may be over by weather early)
◆Rate adult (more than a junior high student) 700 yen
     Child (primary schoolchild) 400 yen ※Less than primary schoolchild for free
     There is danwariwarihiki (more than 20 people)
 Lake Izu: Wakayagi venue (the neighborhood of Lake Izu, Miyagi, inner marsh sanctuary center)
     It is the neighborhood of Hataoka taste 17-2 with floor in address Kurihara-shi Wakayagi character
 An inner marsh: Tsukidate venue (the neighborhood of hall with the Kurihara-shi sanctuary center for show)
     The neighborhood of address Kurihara-shi Tsukidate character Yokosuka Yoda 20-1
◆There is a free parking lot with both parking lot venues. Large size is possible.
The 2019 hasumatsurino information is this

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