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City cycle rent-a-bicycle

■ Do you not run in the middle of wide ... i rice field by bicycle?
 I perform the rental of bicycle which shopping and sightseeing, walk can use at Kurihara-shi tourist information center♪
 I have basket, light 24 inches, 26 inches with a gearbox.
 As for the details such as a rate, a rental period, the rental reservation method, please see the page lower part.
It is a reservation form of the lower part, or please reserve it from reservation page ( after having looked at the following rate, rental period, rental condition, instructions once by all means.

Rental rate

①Until three hours
500 yen
②More than three hours until ... close of the work (until 17:00)
1,000 yen
※The hope is osodan more than one day

Rental, reception desk period

* Rental period
From April to November from 9:00 to 17:00
To a lot of November, it is started in April next year this year
※It is osodan in the snow
* Reception desk
From 30 days before the reception desk start use day
The deadline    Until day before 17:00
※When there is a rental vehicle without the advance reservations, it is available, but there is the case that there is not a rental possibility car.
 I recommend an available reservation by prior rental preparations smoothly. In the case of a forecast of the bad weather and cancellation by convenience, the cancellation fee is unnecessary by communication until the day before.

[rental condition]

The customer who meets the condition of all following (1) - (3)

(1) The presentation of the documents which the present address or the person can confirm
   Driver's license, health insurance card, employee ID card, student identification card (with the photograph of the face), passport, certificate of alien registration
(2) Communication identifies the number of the cell-phone to get as a user.
(3) Other conditions
  ・Having the ride adaptation condition (age, height, others) of the bicycle.
  ・The customer younger than 18 years needs presentation of the use written consent of the protector.
※When I plurally have a visit, a representative meets the condition mentioned above and becomes loanee, and the customer who comes together and went together can have the use (limited to a customer meeting the ride adaptation condition of the bicycle).

Rental, return place

Kurihara-shi tourist information center (JR Kurikoma-Kogen Station)
284-3, Shiwahimeshinkumaya, Kurihara-shi, Miyagi

Rental method

In the case of rental, I file after the reservation at JR Kurikoma-Kogen Station inner "Kurihara-shi tourist information center" from a reservation form, the page.
Take the thing which can do the person confirmation including the driver's license by all means.

Payment, cancellation

* Payment
On the day please pay with cash.
* Cancellation
When you are canceled by convenience of the customer, please note that you charge the following cancellation fees.
On the day: 100%
Cancellation without permission: 100%
※When on the day it is not available by bad weather, there is not the cancellation rate when I hear from you to the effect of the cancellation until the day before.

Request, precaution on using it

◆On the day please confirm Terms of Use book".
◆About an accident, the injury using, it becomes the self-responsibility.
◆When a bicycle using was damaged, I may demand a repair expense.
◆The bicycle management using becomes the self-administration. When it was encountered theft, I may demand a bicycle body rate.
◆When I admitted that our rental cycle is not suitable for the use, it may not be available.
◆Before a start, I will have time by confirmation of this testimony of a witness clear evidence, the confirmation of Terms of Use, attention using, the adjustment of the bicycle for approximately 15 minutes.
◆About personal information, I decide to use it only for rent-a-bicycle duties in conformity with a protection policy of the personal information about the handling of the personal information.
◆Please answer a questionnaire.
◆I photograph a state of the use with a photograph and a video and may use it for PR in the Internet or a paper medium. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Reservation form

You choose the course of either on "1st" (from 9:00 to 17:00) until "three hours" of the rent-a-bicycle for a city cycle, and please choose a bicycle.

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Association of general Kurihara-shi sightseeing product
284-3, Shiwahimeshinkumaya, Kurihara-shi, Miyagi (JR Kurikoma-Kogen Station)
Business hours from 9:00 to 18:00
The regular holiday year-end and New Year holidays
TEL 0228 25-4166
FAX 0228-25-4182

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Association of general Kurihara-shi sightseeing product
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