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Murder one King Sakoyama park of historic interest; a garden 

Murder the corner of one King Sakoyama park of historic interest; a garden. The area is 13,000 square meters and plants an iris and a rabbit-ear iris, an iris and maintains 220,000 about 300 kinds.
With the characteristic that installed "the improvement history garden" which expressed "specimen garden" of irises and the improved process of the iris, and planted the progenitor "Iris ensata" of the iris, and "murdered you, and stood on the culture" "government, murder you, and is a garden".

"I murder Sanno park of historic interest and perform a festival" from mid-June through early July, and the garden is full of the tourists who visited it from the prefectural inside and outside every year. During the period of the festival, many events including "a Michinoku deer dance meet" and "a noh dance meeting" are carried out in a garden.
■Iris (from the end of May to June around the beginning)
There are many "Shitara system" such as pink, light purple, the purplish red improvement irises and, other than this blue, white to murder you, and to grow wild in the fields and mountains at the garden, is planted. The iris has good drainage, and the place to hit well of the day is suitable for planting most.
■Rabbit-ear iris (from the end of May to June around the middle)
An ancestor is a flower of blue, the white of three valves, but there is the talkative flower such as "a dance peacock", too, and there are the kinds such as light purple, the white, too. As I like water, the outskirts of the shallow pond and moat are suitable for planting most.
■Iris (from the middle of June to July around the beginning)
I murder a book, and, at the garden, a flower of the "long Igo kind" "Edo system" "Ise system" "Higo system" is in full glory including "the Iris ensata" of the progenitor. The place where little water collects on rainy days is suitable for planting.
(the flower which murders you, and blooms during a festival period)
■ From opening of the park period January 4 to December 28 (closed until January 3 in the next year from December 29)
■ From opening time 8:30 to 17:00
■ An entering a kindergarten rate is usually free and can enter a kindergarten, but I murder you, and a chisel, the rate during the period of the festival hang.
                Usually             Group discount (more than 20 people)
The public         520 yen        420 yen
Less than high school student    260 yen   210 yen
Season ticket                                1,040 yen
※There is the common entering a kindergarten ticket with the south kurikoma koharaichihaku lily garden of the neighborhood, too.
(as for the south kurikoma koharaichihaku lily garden information this) 
※I murdered one King Sakoyama park of historic interest of 2020, and the festival was called off.
 I murder you and open the garden free.

State in the 2020 garden

Monday, June 29



Saturday, June 27



Thursday, June 25



Wednesday, June 24



Sunday, June 21

I reach in full bloom.



Wednesday, June 17

I reach in full bloom.



Monday, June 15

It blooms considerably and reaches in full bloom.



Monday, June 8 dusk



Sunday, June 7



Saturday, May 24

ayamega begins to bloom.



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