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Kurikoma foot of a mountain Geopark visitor center

I introduce a geological feature and the topography of the Kurikoma foot of a mountain Geopark, the working of people, and the visitor center which is available as a place of the learning and a place of the sightseeing opens on April 1, 2019!
A scale to date introduces the history of the Kurikoma foot of a mountain Geopark for 100 million years and can know a characteristic and the highlight of the topography in aerial photos spreading all over the diorama and the floor and, in three exhibition rooms, is the facilities which can learn from a record and the experience of various natural disasters slowly and carefully about Kurikoma foot of a mountain Geopark when I can think about disaster prevention, genwazawai.
The record of the earthquake disaster that led to the Kurikoma foot of a mountain Geopark and a story of the constitution of the earth are projected in the theater room by the supersized screen of 2 400-inch screens.
The picture to see with supersized screen is Riki Osako!
You can enjoy it more when you have you observe it in the case of Mount Kurikoma mountain climbing.
Carry a foot by all means!
○Kurikoma foot of a mountain Geopark visitor center
An address: Kurikomamatsukura, Kurihara-shi east your ship 5 (former Kurikoma Elementary School)
The opening day: 9-17:00 (from March to November), 9-16:00 (from December to February)
A closed day: Tuesday (in the case of a holiday the next day), New Year holidays
Entering a building charges: Free of charge
Access: Is a car by car than Tohoku Expressway Wakayagi Kanari IC from/JR Kurikoma-Kogen Station for about 30 minutes; about 40 minutes
A phone number: 0228-24-8836
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