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The south kurikoma koharaichihaku lily garden (close)

While the south kurikoma koharaichihaku lily garden was regretted, it became the close in November, 2020.

 The lily garden which had been loved toward the lot became the close in November, 2020 until now.
I offer my gratitude for all of you who had you support him so far.
Surely it will be that the lily of the lily garden continues blooming in the heart of everybody from now on.
\ (^^)/ where thank you
 "The town revitalization meeting" which 15 young volunteers of the town raised studied study under the theme of a lily in earnest to begin the town planning with the characteristic in 1988 because a gold-banded lily and other Liliaceae plants grew wild in stack, kuriharashiichihaku and started an activity.
In 1991, "the south Kurikomakogen, ichihaku lily garden" of the member handicraft was completed. I meet many visitors every year and take part of the tourism industry of Kurihara-shi now.
I maintain it, and, in 30,000 square meters of gardens, 150,000 pitches of 200 kinds, hemerokarisu 50 kind 20,000 are planted, and, "the forest of the mountain lily" and "the narrow path of the hydrangea", "the hemerokarisu garden softens the mind of the people who visited it now, too".
The garden turns a form for each kind every year and is maintained. It is the flower garden where there is little even Japan seen by the gregariousness of the flower of the lily that the color that I totally drew on the canvas is bright.
It is chosen as 100 selections of fragrance scenery of Japan.
The garden can be accompanied by the pet. There is the free rental of wheelchair, too.
■It depends on a climate in in full bloom, but it is thought that I meet you on about June 25.
■The pro-royal of sukashi origin in full bloom until from the end of June to the beginning of July.
For the next from the beginning of July to the end of July, the late-blooming large lily (oriental system) is in full bloom.

State (July 19) in the 2020 garden

State (July 15) in the 2020 garden

A rainy drop exaggerates the beauty of the lily♪
There is the lily of the bud still more, too!
In full bloom finishes the premature delivery lily of sukashi origin.
The good lily of the fragrance of the now oriental system is * chishiteorimasuyo ^^ in everybodies

State (July 10) in the 2020 garden

State (July 9) in the 2020 garden

Saturday, July 4

Thursday, July 2

Monday, June 29

Saturday, June 27

Thursday, June 25

Wednesday, June 24

Opening pre-on Sunday, June 21!

June 19

June 15

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