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Words: nejirihonnyoto friends/composition, arrangement: Natsuko Takeda

1.I was waiting for a day to be to rice in a rice field of Kurihara
  Under autumn soft breeze feeling yokunejittahonnyohao nap!
  He/she met request for smile dehonnyono with a smile
  I got a foot!
  I got a dream!
  I will go to meet everybody from now on

2.I want to inform delicious rice of Kurihara and a pleasant event
  I want to board a Lake Izu, inner marsh nature gaippaihasunoo ship
  It wants to create a lot of friends who want to climb Mount Kurikoma
  I got a foot!
  I got a dream!
  I go to the korekaraironnatoko play
3.I love both the twist rock, paper, scissors pride dayoo rice cake and the rice ball
  Though I am slightly weak in it, Kurihara loving Ohisama loves the sparrow!
  honnyononegaihatadahitotsu welcome kurihara
  I got a foot!
  I got a dream!
  Of Kurihara is, and is because tell you a cousin
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