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Fukayama Makino

Miyama Makino

In very large nature, I can look at the figure of cows eating grass. Area is approximately 120 hectares. Mount Kurikoma to look at from here can enjoy a 360-degree panorama fantastically. I maintain a promenade or a contact open space, an observation deck.
This ranch is key station of the stock-raising industry of Kurikoma. "The Kurikoma Heights cow" breeding gains popularity as beef of the high quality widely from the prefecture outside.
In the middle of October, hold "Kurikomakogen contact Festival" every year, a photograph: Many people come to taste Kurikoma Heights cow Kurikoma Heights cow.
In addition, I hold "a Kurikomakogen snow native meeting" every year in the middle of February.
Location Kurikomamonji, Kurihara-shi rough grindstone swamp 45-16
I display a map in "Kurihara-shi public facilities map" 

State of the 2021 Fukayama ranch

May 31


Cows gathered.


I saw a cow in the distance.


I saw Mount Kurikoma where snow was left.



State of the 2020 Fukayama ranch

The morning of September 19

Cows gathered.


I saw Mount Kurikoma.

The afternoon of June 6

I ate grass.


It approached.


The white flower of the roadside was beautiful.

I check this

Mount Kurikoma

The details of Mount Kurikoma are this

World damp land

The details of the world damp land are this

Wild Tozawa

The details of wild Tozawa are this
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