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Ushibuchi Park

Ushibuchi Park

Ushibuchi park is the historic place that became the historic battleground by "the Zenkunen War" in the Heian era of the mid-eleventh century.
It is in the park along the mountain stream to be able to enjoy leisure in cherry blossom viewing and barbecue, nature including the dish simmered in potato society, and free, the outdoors cooking rice ground belonging to a roof, an athletic playground equipment are available now.
■Opening of the park period
From late April through mid-November (closed down from late November through mid-April in the winter season)
■Traffic access
It is 30 minutes by car from the Tohoku Expressway Tsukidate Interchange
It is 35 minutes by car from JR East Kurikoma-Kogen Station
I display a map in "Kurihara-shi public facilities map"
 I cannot stay.
 There is a deep place, and the mountain stream is dangerous. When you approach the mountain stream, please use life jackets.

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