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About nejirihonnyo appearance request

At various events such as residents' association and a school, a kindergarten, the nursery school
Do you not call "nejirihonnyo?"
A local festival!
The event of children!
I heap up it with every effort!
Use application of the design logo of the nejirihonnyo character
nejirihonnyono dispatch (dispatch) request
The borrowing by the whole arrival at nejirihonnyo
After having seen a summary, I download the following application and fill it out and
Please submit it by an email, FAX, mail or bringing to association of Kurihara-shi sightseeing product.
①About application of the dispatch
When you call for nejirihonnyono dispatch, you fill out a format of the attachment, and attach the required documents such as the plans of the event
As a general rule, it is necessary to apply in (one week ago to use it in the case of use of design logo) until two weeks before a dispatch day.
※At time with many events, a dispatch request centers and you want and may not attach it.
 Please consult beforehand.
②About the event that can be dispatched
Event to lead to planning the improvement of the sightseeing image of Kurihara-shi and further pulling in customers
The event that is held for the purpose of promoting the civic community formation
(you download a summary in detail, and please confirm it.)
③About the event that cannot be dispatched
Trust of Kurihara-shi or the event that hurts dignity, and might spoil the image of the character
The event that preparation for acceptance of the character is not regulated well
The events that are not good for dispatch of the other "nejirihonnyo" costume
④About nejirihonnyono illustration
After confirming a summary, a design guide manual,
You move from the following to the downloading site, and you download it, and please use it.
 nejirihonnyono illustration downloading page


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