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The ninth slow cycle Kurikoma foot of a mountain sightseeing photograph contest

Attractive Mount Kurikoma and the neighboring local beautiful scenery.
Non-pivot non-sudden going out becomes the self-restraint for prevention of infection of the new coronavirus
You look at this photograph and a heart feels at ease and would appreciate even a little.

In highest award "eternity Kanayama Tanada"

A photographer: Sadakatsu Takahashi
A shooting place: Ichinoseki-shi, Iwate (Kanayama Tanada)
Judge comment
 I regarded the master as beautiful Kanayama Tanada in the glance of the bird. A producer was more only for last year by aging and I read the comment of the author who said that I aimed at this scene in information that the cultivation was stopped and I was sorry and was unbearable.
The shooting in the drone has a pro and con. To be frank, the selector was troubled till the last, too. However, I made a necessary decision when I thought from a point of view that said, "I tell in sightseeing and coming ages" that was the big purpose of this contest when it was one piece and chose you. I add that this one piece of photograph will load it with praying to the direction where the cultivation leads to is helped next year and chose you.

An award for excellence (Mayor Yuzawa Prize) "pilgrim pilgrimage"

A photographer: Shigeru Hayashi
A shooting place: Yuzawa-shi, Akita
Judge comment
 I caught the moment of the encounter with a pilgrim wonderfully in sacred place "Kawarage-jigoku Hell". The power of observation of the author who pressed the shutter instantly shines. The blue sky of the background was very refreshing and made up an image in a forward atmosphere brightly. Of a pilgrim it was said balance by existing as staffage in the scenery, and it was a work by standing, and being immature, and having done a position without pilgrimage becoming strong.

An award for excellence (Mayor Kurihara Prize) "longevity dance dengaku dance of shohaku"

A photographer: Hironobu Kawamura
A shooting place: Kurihara-shi Kanari (longevity dance dengaku dance of shohaku)
Judge comment
 It is the one scene of the dance of the longevity dance that is appointed for the important intangible cultural asset of the country. God totally descended to a performer by having expressed the performer who danced in the stage in slow shutter; was expressed. The existence of the children and photographers gallery who stand still toward you to disagree with the dance. A gap of two space shut out in the restricted area for prevention against evil of the Shinto straw festoon is a very interesting work.

Award for excellence (Mayor Ichinoseki Prize) "sodaishokensan"

A photographer: Kenichi Fujie
A shooting place: Ichinoseki-shi, Iwate
Judge comment
 The camera position from the meeting of the way which there are some pitch differences, and curves calmly. Besides, choice of the lens that I aim at a compression effect, expression, all of the vertical position are wonderful. I knew a festival well and understood it with one piece that did not come out if I did not research in information sensitively. It is the excellent work which also captured the line of "the Tang plum building picture scroll" solemnly luxuriously.

Award for excellence (Mayor Narise Azuma Prize) "Mount Chokai from the Sugawa Heights"

A photographer: Rikio Ito
A shooting place: Higashinaruse-mura, Akita (Sugawa Heights)
Judge comment
 The Mount Chokai which nestles in the depths of the mountain range of a sea of clouds to have and several folds coming at the same time. In spite of being the inside of the morning glow of the soft tone, I express an awe appearance only by having put the mountaintop midmost in large quantities. It is the moment when I think that I want to see it when anyone wants to go to this place.

Winning "Geibikei-kyo Gorge ship descent"

A photographer: Masanori Segawa
A shooting place: Ichinoseki-shi, Iwate
Judge comment
 It looks like the junior high student of the school excursion enjoys a ship descent. I called out and would take it…The happy obedient expression of students turned to the camera is very wonderful. Position and position of the pole of Sendo, all of two ships are gathered up in a good balance.

Winning "hasumatsuri"

A photographer: Tetsuo Kubota
A shooting place: Lake Kurihara-shi Izu (marsh hasumatsuri in the Lake Izu)
Judge comment
 Hasuda and a sightseeing ship in full blossom. He/she let you feel an impression such as the dreaminess that totally floated in the paradise of the lotus by having arranged a ship for the top right corner. Tourists should want to surely board this sightseeing ship, too.

Winning "Oyasukyo"

A photographer: Eiichi Ito
A shooting place: Yuzawa-shi, Akita (Oyasukyo)
Judge comment
 Three waterfalls and placement, all of red and the color of the colored leaves of the bitter orange running in the valley are the best balance. Shooting from Kawarayu Bridge was classic, but, speaking of Oyasukyo, finished it in a work of the only one in an aim, a glance different from others from the opposite direction.

Winning "excellent remaining snow - and - to spring"

A photographer: Sei Sugawara
A shooting place: Kurihara-shi Kurikoma (Fukayama Makino)
Judge comment
 The Kurikoma foot of a mountain of the trace snow nestling in the depths of the trees which have begun to send out buds of the early spring. I press the shutter without missing the moment when light shined through the break in the clouds. The white fence of this side became the wonderful spice which felt the story of the meadows which waited for pasturage. The obedient feeling of the author impressed by coming of spring would call light together.

Winning "hermit ascetic practices"

A photographer: Shinichi Igarashi
A shooting place: Higashinaruse-mura, Akita
Judge comment
 A feeling of peace and calm and calm air drifting between a direct temple to set up the warning stick with a youth making posture of contemplation calmly reaches it. The choice of the camera position to enter against a backdrop of a posture of contemplation experient of any people regardless of age or sex, and to put is excellent.
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