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Swamp museum of the wind

The swamp museum of the wind is the compound facility which constituted a modern village forest at people art building, Museum of Contemporary Art, shop & cafe, village forest Park, the lodgings.
Exhibition (an example)
A building of the Taisho era when I was reborn in the "people art building" exhibition room, a warehouse of Itakura get into eyes when I go up the parking lot.
※I do not display the photograph now. For details, please refer directly.
Thatched main building "Museum of Contemporary Art" which spent time of 200 years assumes earthen floor and Japanese-style room two rooms with the hearth an exhibition room. Itakura who removed and rebuilt it behind just gives interior for the display by exterior.
I can take a short break while enjoying scenery in Mido made newly. There is the observation platform which Mount Kurikoma can overlook on a day of the fine weather when I go up the mountain behind and one turns around around and does it and comes back to the stable. There are earthen floor and the parlor with the hearth to the stable and can experience the life of the village forest by a reservation.
A wooden hall fitted with glass as for shop & cafe which opened in the spring of 2014 a mountain side. A workshop or the concert are carried out in not being set, too.
Of soil and the fire that an earthenware craftsman and northeastern traditional arts went through to all members every year in the bandstand in village forest Park in autumn worship you, and "festival is held in Kurihara all ages".


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