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The west shop ramen

Chinese noodles
600 yen
Noodles with roasted pork fillet
800 yen
Won ton noodles
700 yen
Leek ramen
800 yen
Chicken noodles with roasted pork fillet
850 yen
Pork bones ramen
700 yen
Specially made ramen
800 yen
Miso ramen
750 yen
Miso leek ramen (hot)
900 yen
Salt ramen
750 yen
Soy sauce ramen
750 yen
Child ramen
350 yen
  Eating and drinking store's name   The west shop ramen
  The location   7-2, Genko, Shiwahimehoriguchi, Kurihara-shi
  Business hours   Lunch 11:00-14:30 night 18:00-20:00
  Regular holiday   On Tuesday (only lunch is open on Wednesday)
  TEL   0228-25-3357
Association of general Kurihara-shi sightseeing product
Sightseeing in Kurihara-shi business and industry sightseeing Heta garden section
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