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Side dumpling

What was developed as local cooking of new Kurihara using buckwheat flour cultivated at the Kurikoma foot of a mountain "a side dumpling."
I finish buckwheat flour and water into a dumpling which I did softly form while mixing air.
It features a flavor of the buckwheat flour and a unique texture soft gently. I match soy sauce-based soup well.
In each restaurant and inn, I perform topping of the ingredients such as the local vegetables or edible wild plant, mushroom of the season and provide a unique side dumpling.
Please enjoy taste only in Kurihara.
≪The shop which a side dumpling can taste≫
☆Storehouse (require reservation) of farm soba Bo
Kurihara-shi, Miyagi Hanayama character Motosawa Ota 7-1
☎ 0228-56-2777
☆Edible wild plant teahouse zarabo
Kurihara-shi, Miyagi Hanayama character Motosawa wild boar no swamp 6-6
☆The road station way field village is troubled (hall of the Japanese yam)
Kurihara-shi, Miyagi Hanayama character Motosawa 112-1, Kitanomae
☎ 0228-56-2265
☆A village of Ariga increased (require reservation)
kyujokenkuriharashiwakayanagiyugajiho 6
Besides, I can taste it in a restaurant in Kurihara-shi
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