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Village of the Teuchi soba flower dance

Grifola frondosa tempura soba
The char-grilled char tempura
Chilled soba
Hot soba
 Zaru soba
 850 yen
 Kake soba
 850 yen
 Vegetables sky colander
1,350 yen
 Vegetables tempura soba
1,350 yen
 Grifola frondosa sky colander
1,350 yen
 Grifola frondosa tempura soba
1,350 yen
 Char sky colander
1,600 yen
  (the large serving rises by 350 yen)
 Duck south banzaru
1,400 yen
 Duck south bansoba
1,400 yen
Single dish
  (large serving)
1,800 yen
 The char-grilled char tempura
 700 yen
 Vegetables tempura
 600 yen
※A menu changes by a season.
  Eating and drinking store's name  Village of the closing a deal side flower dance
  The location  Kurihara-shi Hanayama character Motosawa 5-4, Kiridome
  Business hours  11:00-15:00 (finished as soon as it disappears)
  Regular holiday  Mid-December and late March closure every Thursday
  TEL  0228-56-2170


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