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Various rice cakes dishes

I always made rice cake including an end, the felicitous event of time and the farming that a visitor came for and, in Kurihara, ate in old days let alone tray and New Year holidays.
By a representative "local meal only in rice granary Kurihara," it is the first "meal of the fine weather".

For example
・A day to make rice cake on December 28. The decoration of New Year holidays to rank rice cake offered to gods and Buddha, Mizuki and the chestnut tree for New Year holidays like a flower.
・"A back rice cake" to offer to ancestors returning to the grave on a tray and the last day of the equinoctial week
・"The 1 sho rice cake" which lets a child reaching a birthday of 1 year old in hope of being brought up soundly carry it on the back
・"The rice cake of the pledge" which is included at garden on the day of the wedding ceremony

The rice cake was tied to the life of people of Kurihara deeply.

Is an annual function in Kurihara; as for bean jam rice cake, zoni rice cake, zunda rice cake, ginger rice cake, prawns rice cake, natto rice cake,
5-6 kinds of rice cake dishes equal a dining table at a time.

Prawns rice cake

The prawns use marsh prawns and the river prawns. I am made with red and white to a feast when New Year holidays and a visitor came visually when I twine it around a rice cake as it is very beautiful. It is a characteristic rice cake dish of Kurihara.

fusube rice cake

A meaning such as letting you stain with soot to smoke to smoke that "fusube" (I smoke) burns a thing. As the loach which I roasted brown and the burdock which I grated were main materials, there seemed to be such name.
The red pepper nokiitafusube rice cake warmed a body in a cold season and has been eaten for an appetite increase among other things in the hot summer.
In late years I may use ground meat in substitution for a loach.

zunda rice cake

In the colorful green dressing which ground sundaha, blue bata bean (green soybeans), it is zundao white rice cake nikarametamonogazunda rice cake.
As the blue bata bean (green soybeans) harvests it in summer, the zunda rice cake cooks in a season. I am eaten as an offering of the tray in particular.

Various rice cake dishes

Bean jam rice cake
Zoni rice cake
Natto rice cake
Candy rice cake
Ginger rice cake
Walnut rice cake
Sesame rice cake
june rice cake
kinako rice cake
Leek rice cake
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