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Roasted meat Kazuyuki

A fried butcher shop of Kurikoma. The revolving door of the entrance is rare
Tonkara bowl (the naming that a wife thought about. Interested
A lot of love fried rice. It is a lot of love.
A roasted pork fillet bowl. Good
Rose leek salt bowl
The shop
The shop
Takeout bill of fare
A good love fried rice 600 yen
Roasted pork fillet bowl     600 yen
Ginger-flavored fried foods set meal      800 yen
Pau shit tea set meal 800 yen
Pork ketchup set meal 800 yen
Rose leek salt bowl      700 yen
tonkara bowl       700 yen
Dumpling (five)      300 yen
Eating and drinking store's name
Roasted meat Kazuyuki
The location
31, Yokamachi, Kurikomaiwagasaki, Kurihara-shi
Business hours
 Lunch 11:00-14:00
 Night 18:00-22:00
At night
 Night 18:00-22:00
Regular holiday
No fixed holiday
        I check the latest information in Facebook page of roasted meat Kazuyuki!
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