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Kurihara-shi sightseeing, product mail order site special feature

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I collected pages of the WEB shopping of the store in Kurihara-shi.
Going out is not readily possible more to be similar, but influence of the new coronavirus is happy if you can purchase it more in WEB.
Please inflect!
※Under the influence of self-restraint requests due to the new coronavirus, a holiday and business hours may be different.

Kurikomakogen farm

It is direct from the field with rice of fresh Miyagi! It is direct from the field and, by "a rice dam keeping the freshness of the rice," sends rice of fresh Miyagi anytime!
[I store it with a fir tree] Therefore it is fresh!
I do hulling the rice regularly and receive a quality check in a state of the brown rice. I polish rice right before I send it out to all of you and make polished rice.
[special cultivation rice]
I reduce a pesticide and a chemical fertilizer as much as possible and cultivate it carefully.
I control it in normal half or less.
 The order is this
TEL. +81-228-45-2893
Business hours 8:00-17:00
Regular holiday Saturday and Sunday, celebration

I do not leave the mochi hut

A store specializing in bean-jam cake which a farmer makes.
It means "the field" of the rice field and "the biography" which has, and conveys culture in the future "not to appear" that I do not leave the mochi hut.
The rice which I spend long time and at last can harvest. I cannot neglect even one drop.
I make the bean-jam cake of hope and the dream today heartily carefully carefully.
The mochi hut which knew everything about rice in a rice farmhouse is the reason why the U.S. cake which is not served is delicious.
 The order is this
TEL. +81-228-52-2602
Business hours 8:00-16:00
Regular holiday every Wednesday

Kawaguchi natto

It is founding 60 in a quality standard. Only using a domestic soybean, it produces classic natto.
[feelings of the Kawaguchi natto]
1.Kurihara-shi, Miyagi is located in the foot of the Ou Mountains, and there are rich naturally comfortable air and water.
There is the Kawaguchi natto there.
2.The soybean uses Iwate, Aomori, a thing of Hokkaido including local Miyagi that is a national eminent production place.
3.The wrapping paper uses paper. Is superior in breathability, water absorptivity, and ferment thoroughly, and natto stays good the right, left, up and down; is sweet; smell it.
4.I do not attach sauce, the mustard to have you enjoy taste of the natto.
 The order is this
TEL. 0120-810-710

European cake, stone kiln bread studio palette

The prefecture sells "the sweets of the field" using vegetables, the fruit produced in the field of good quality to the whole country as a main brand from the start.
I am particular about "the taste" that I want to tell to a person unintentionally and always pursue the manufacturing method to be able to just keep careful selection, local material alive in good material of the freshness by local security.
 The order is this
TEL. +81-228-22-8010
Business hours: 9:00-19:00
A regular holiday: No fixed holiday

Chinese medicine Japanese beef Sekimura ranch

I develop the original feed which blended 14 kinds of herb to bring up a healthy cow, and to make a beef original taste. I feed you for finish of the fatting for about eight months. Repeated trial and error, and brought while examining quality of the completed meat closely, is right the decisive factor of the taste of the Chinese medicine Japanese beef.
A melting point of the fat content is 21.3-22.8 degrees Celsius and considerably low temperature, and the Chinese medicine Japanese beef melts. The temperature of the person is generally about 36 degrees Celsius. It may be said that the fat melting by temperature is the beef which is good for health not to collect fat in the body. It is "Chinese medicine Japanese beef" that can eat without hesitation to a person worried about cholesterol to the full.
 The order is this
TEL. +81-228-22-3110
Business hours: 9:00-17:00
A regular holiday: Sundays and holidays, New Year holidays


We in kyujokenkuriharashiichihaku of water culture vegetables manufacture and sell it, and manufacture and sell the rice. Please taste rice, vegetables produced in the ground which brought up high quality rice for a long time as a village of the feudal clan presentation rice for show by all means.
ichihakunansawajiku is the area that performed rice growing, the dry field farming in the mountain stream using a reservoir. It is a cultivation area of so-called rainwater rice which does not come under an influence from the upper part of a river.
 The order is this
TEL. +81-228-52-2140
Business hours: 9:00-17:00
A regular holiday: Sundays and holidays

Sasaki agricultural farm

Rice of Honda is the rice which I made only with an organic fertilizer on the basis of fertility of soil and fully-ripened compost.
I wrestle for the making of rice with professional pride and passion to accept needs of delicious safely rice (excellent meal rice)-oriented consumers.
The pesticide does not use a sterilizer, the insecticide by use only for one time of weed killer (3 ingredients) at all.
A leaf side sprays pyroligneous acid, alcohol, "faitootsu" in substitution for a drug. It is the safe, delicious rice which I made using "fight up" to improve the activity of the root of the rice to utilize rice original vitality and power of the Nature to the full.
 The order is this
TEL. +81-228-25-2312

Takigawa Kamaboko restaurant

Our store produces "Saiku-kamaboko" (saikukamaboko) feeling nostalgia to "Showa" in main. Delicious products are varied.
It is the food which is most suitable for the person who is anxious about low-calorie high-protein "kamaboko" health.
 The order is this
TEL. +81-228-32-2184

nano endlessness farm output

Kurihara-shi Kurikoma located in the northern part of Miyagi is the whole country, but is a production center of the leading delicious rice.
Only the person who ate understands the taste!
How about tasting the rice which I made for food with feelings?
Please enjoy delicious air of Kurikoma, harmony of the water♪
I do my best for the agriculture that minimized a pesticide.
The noodles of the rice which I made with brown rice are very popular!
 The order is this
TEL. +81-228-24-7062

Tomato house dream balloon

The tomato of the dream balloon was particular about taste thoroughly to have you say to a customer that it was delicious and brought you up carefully.
Fruit juice splits open lively when I bite the firm fruit very heavily firmly though it is small-sized.
It is a genuine full ripeness fruit tomato of the unforgettable sweet, sour heavy taste once if I eat.
I send the dream balloon with confidence!
 The order is this
TEL. +81-90-2994-4307

Nakajo liquor shop

It is the local brew shop "Nakajo liquor shop" of the hometown.
While it is supported for more than 80 four generations a year by local warm kindness, I continue up to the present day by a liquor ray while burning with a sense of duty. Local brew waiting for own turn calmly is idle now in the sake brewery of our local country.
All sake breweries introducing are only the storehouses which had Tohoku, the whole country and the prize of the honor prize every time. Only the local brew which all of you could give to the satisfaction by all means widened a repertory and widened the width of the choice. At first please appreciate the genuine local brew which was unknown to our district.
 The order is this
TEL. +81-228-22-2162
There is the temporary suspension of business in the year without holiday

Freshly-picked fruit studio soil village dream

I sell sherbet using the local fruit.
I want to rediscover the good point of the hometown by making use of a local product. A persimmon, a plum, the fig which has been planted in the farmyard point. The friend of various berries growing wild in the hills and fields. Though it is really delicious, I expose the product which is not made use of to light and want to rediscover the good point of the hometown by keeping it alive.
With such a dream, the freshly-picked fruit studio "soil village dream" started.
 The order is this
TEL. +81-228-24-8377
Business hours 10:00-17:00
I do business on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays for daily life business from November to April except Wednesday, Thursday for from May to October on a regular holiday

CL factory (the sea L factory)

"I have you think, "it is easy to wear these jeans!" by the try-on first shot"
I can recommend kyanorainjinzu to the throughout the life first jeans of the person that to the 100th jeans and jeans do not have even the thing through the leg who knew everything about jeans with confidence.
The number of "989-53" in the tab of the pocket is an old zip code of Kurikoma. These jeans are true, and this is for proof born in a place of Kurikoma.
In addition, there is the model that I used including the carved seal of Shinto shrine "Sakurada Shrine" in Kurihara-shi by a product
Please go together in kyanorainjinzu clogged up with such "jeans" and "Kurikoma" love.
 The order is this
TEL. +81-228-25-4262
Business hours 8:30-18:00

Cross store

It is "a cross store" conveying the living that "it is just" that it breathes to Kurihara.
I sell a product of "it focuses on products of the district" "hand Sakumoto rank".
A family and the friend are connected across space-time.
The gift which conveys a feeling to an important person simply because it is such times.
And sometimes to oneself a reward.
With a handmade article; think that can help you.
 The order is this
TEL. +81-90-4889-5310
Business hours: 9:00-17:00
A regular holiday: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, tray time, New Year holidays

Love tatami mat studio

The wound is 182 years in a tatami mat. From the thing which "the tatami mat" which a love tatami mat studio Tadami industry place suggests is small, and is pretty to the discerning made-to-order tatami mat ♪ I live in the tatami mat. For a living the sum. I develop an original product suggestion & on a theme in this.
 The order is this
TEL. +81-228-32-3356
Business hours: 8:00-19:00
A regular holiday: New Year holidays

Kurikomakogen nature school

I cannot hit the Kurikoma foot of a mountain to the field one of camping outdoor activity, a forest and show around charm and the living of the Nature. I develop wide business from an experience-based program to lecturer dispatch, personnel training, staying, eating and drinking.
Because an experience purchased a part of the Kurikomakogen natural program that unfolded at school online, I established SHOP of BASE. I wish that I want many people to experience charm of Mount Kurikoma.
 The order is this
TEL. +81-228-46-2626
Business hours: 9:00-19:00
A regular holiday: No fixed holiday

hakuoku, bunterido

It is a book, stationery, an office equipment in kuriharashiichihaku, the store specializing in office work devices.
 The order is this
TEL. +81-50-3490-5155
Business hours: 9:00-18:30 (from November to March)
     9:00-19:00 (from April to October)
     9:00-18:00 (Sundays and holidays, festival day)
A regular holiday: Every month first 3.5 Sunday, January 1 ※There is temporary suspension of business

ourthing (hour thing)

Outdoor of Kurihara-shi, Miyagi and shop of life miscellaneous goods
Northeastern Mount Kurikoma which is located approximately midmost.
The town of the foot is Kurihara-shi, Miyagi Kurikoma with our shop.
I make use of charm only by the country and suggest the way like oneself who is not influenced by the times now.
I handle a tool of mountain climbing and the camping and the imminent miscellaneous goods in the living.
 The order is this
TEL. +81-228-24-8305
Business hours: From 11:00 to 18:00
A regular holiday: On Wednesday second fourth Thursday

Kawaguchi Green Center

We lease the rice field from the farming family who was not able to do the rice field cultivation by aging as a local industrial leading figure and manufacture and sell the rice.
Thanks to you, many people of the whole country give patronage to me and get great popularity. It is made with safer rice and it flows into it and must send power to the various places of consumers at a fair price more deliciously! I make an effort for production every day while feeling a sense of duty called this. Certainly [village of the feudal clan presentation rice for show] I guide you so that appreciation can use the U.S. place of the Miyagi north, the quality only by the production of kuriharashiichihaku direct sale by all means.
 The order is this
TEL. +81-228-54-2276
Business hours: 9:00-17:00
A regular holiday: Sunday and Monday, celebration

ryoshutoko sabun liquor shop

Our store runs a liquor shop by founding for about 90 years from 1926. It is the liquor shop of the small country lasting three generations in me now.
There are a lot of small warehousemans making local brew to be able to be proud of to (about 30 minutes), the whole country carefully near our store. I want many people to know the delicious liquor more and, also, want to introduce the liquor which is not known once again as well as Miyagi.
 The order is this
TEL. +81-228-38-2034
A regular holiday: Day

Mond group

It is production of the mini-tomato "mini-look" and a mini-tomato mail order site of mitometeishinkishunosha selling in kyujokenkuriharashiichihaku. 
There is no our "Mond group" in the site selling a tomato of the mini-look in WEB. It was more born in Miyagi (as of February, 2019), and there are few producers selling mini-look raised in Miyagi, and this is because rarity is at all a high tomato.
 The order is this
TEL. +81-80-6014-3738
Business hours: 8:30-16:30
A regular holiday: Sundays and holidays

Forest general shop of the cat

A handmade general store [forest general shop of the cat] which there is in a mall of Kurihara-shi, Miyagi Kurikoma.
I sell the wool work which I [NEKOSAN] of the wool felt writer deal with and the handmade work of six selected writers♪
In this gallery, I put a wool felt work of NEKOSAN which I do not sell in the shop.

Feh meat

It spreads through Hazakawa, two Hazakawa, three Hazakawa basins running down from Mount Kurikoma belonging to the Ou Mountains of Kurihara-shi, Miyagi. I make an effort for vegetables, the U.S. making of based in low land and a hill country. I draw organic cultivation and vegetables original power under the environment most suitable for the making of vegetables of the relatively rare subarctic zone wet climate in the country that is only Hokkaido and a part of Honshu, and taste, nutritive value manufactures and sells the vegetables with the highest quality together.
 The order is this
TEL. +81-228-24-7107
Business hours: 9:00-17:00
A regular holiday: Saturday and Sunday, celebration, New Year holidays

Queen's JAPAN

It spreads through Hazakawa, two Hazakawa, three Hazakawa basins running down from Mount Kurikoma belonging to the Ou Mountains of Kurihara-shi, Miyagi. I make an effort for vegetables, the U.S. making of based in low land and a hill country.
Vegetables sale of the organic JAS certification that is relatively rare in the prefecture. It is organic and wants to send [meal X beauty, meal X health, meal X healing] by feelings, the highest cultivation method thoroughly.
 The order is this
Business hours: 9:00-17:00
A regular holiday: Saturday and Sunday, celebration, New Year holidays

Nakajo liquor shop

Northern part Kurihara-shi of Miyagi. It is the sake, local brew shop of the hometown open well in "being right in the middle" that I have a lot of green deep forever and blessings of the earth.
The local liquor was able to drink for a long time only toward the area, but, using the Internet, worked on the online shop in the joy that could introduce the genuine local brew which here was buried among to the whole country "only in this chance".
I have it to a brand of a present, the souvenir standard and rare local brew. Please appreciate specialty liquor of Miyagi, Kurihara.
 The order is this
Business hours: 9:00-19:00
A regular holiday: No rest (there is ※ temporary closure) in the year
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