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I extend it until August 31 and am decided! Winding of the ninja to help

With the winding of the HOME X WORK project help ninja…tsu!

A child and students affected by the new coronavirus infectious disease fashion were a little, but planned it to be able to become a smile
"The winding of the ninja to help".
When you attach # help ninja and post the state that you helped with in a home and a neighborhood on Instagram during from Wednesday, May 20, 2020 to August 31 (it became the extension from until June 30), you can get "reward" from the hometown store when you did shopping!
The people whom HOMEWORK (homework) is given to from a garden childish as for the object to a graduate student.
For more details, it is a check with comics yanejirihonnyono video! !

nejirihonnyoto should identify a participation method together!

Left video dehonnyoto will check a participation method together!

Participation method oosaraida!

①Let's help the family. By the dishwashing, even weeding is OK!
②We attach the hashtag of # help ninja, and let's post the state and result on Instagram.
Without forgetting the confirmation becoming the follow of the account of association of Kurihara-shi sightseeing product (@ kurihara_kb), on of the notice, the public account.
③In the account of the contributor, "the code of the ninja" has been spent later….
I check shop which wants to go from a list of participation stores in the lower page and "reward" to be able to get and will actually perform it!
(use of code OK's it again if I go to one time of one store, other stores)
④In the case of the check, let's inform the person of the shop, "it is a ninja to help". As I am asked about the code, I convey the words that have been sent!
⑤Let's upload "reward" and the impression of the shop that we got in Instagram once again!

The list of participation stores is checked here!

Occasional update

List of participation shops

List of participation shops PDF

(2020-06-11 ・ 535KB)

In a participation shop a sticker!

As for the person who has not used Instagram…I will begin it at this opportunity!

The person who has not used Instagram will begin it at this opportunity.
The registration from this URL↓
I will respond in an account of association of sightseeing product if I acquire an account.
I can check a photograph and the information of the "winding of the ninja to help" participation shop!

Participation essential point, Terms of Use

Participation essential point, Terms of Use

■Application essential point
The (called "a participant" as follows.) participating in "winding of the HOME X WORK project help ninja" that association of Kurihara-shi sightseeing product (called "our meeting" as follows.) utilizes SNS(Instagram) and carries out (called "this campaign" as follows.) has you well read honosankayokou (called "this essential point" as follows.), and you agree, and please participate. When I send hashtag # help ninja with this campaign and am posted, I consider it to have agreed to this essential point. Please stop participation by any chance when you cannot agree.
From Wednesday, May 20, 2020 to Tuesday, June 30
■Participation condition
・Having a personal account of Instagram.
・What I respond to in association of Kurihara-shi sightseeing product formula Instagram(@kurihara-kb).
・This essential point needs it along the contents of mention.
※The contribution of the help can participate to once a day again and again during a period. I send one code by a direct message because of 1 contribution.
※Please turn on notice setting (notice of push) of Instagram of the terminal of the errand.
・You follow hashtag "# help ninja", and please post a photograph, a video (called "contribution data" as follows.) which you photographed on Instagram.
・As for the contribution without the hashtag, the application to this campaign becomes invalid.
・When the closed setting of the contribution account becomes ON, participation becomes impossible.
・When a person appearing in the photograph of contribution data with a participant comes, by all means niso before contribution
Please get licensing from one about the use of contribution data of this.
・Fear to violate the intellectual property rights such as a copyright or the trademark of the third party for contribution data other than the case mentioned above
But, please get licensing in the use (you include the use by our meeting.) of contribution data from a rightful claimant before a contribution by all means when a certain thing is included.
・Please apply for the one younger than 20 years after having obtained the protector's consent.
・Oneself posts it about contribution data, and the participant expresses it about having the legitimate right about consenting to the use by our meeting and contribution data not violating the right of copyright, right of likeness, right to privacy of the third party, publicity right or other all for our meeting and shall guarantee it.
・An image considers it to have approved it about what is placed on association of Kurihara-shi sightseeing product official site, campaign page, magazine advertisement, other WEB mediums and formula SNS(Instagram, Twitter, the Facebook) page when I attach a designated hashtag and posted contribution data.
・Instagram supports this campaign and approves it and runs it and does not participate.
On the participation in this campaign, I prohibit the following acts.
When our meeting judges that a participant performed below an applicable act, they may take the correspondence such as the deletion after the non-publication, the publication of the contribution data to the campaign page.
(1) Act to violate a participation essential point
(2) Act to disturb the administration of this campaign
(3) It is a nuisance, a disadvantage, the damage or an act to give discomfort for another person
(4) Act slanders another person, and slanders it or to damage the honor or trust
(5) Act to violate copyright or other intellectual property rights of another person
(6) Act to violate property, privacy of another person or a right of likeness
(7) Act to post obscenity, child porno and data promoting the sexual exploitation of the child on
(8) Reporting, advertisement for the purpose of the profit or invitation act
(9) Act against in violation of laws and ordinances or public order and morals
(10) Act to violate Terms of Use of Instagram
(11) The act that our meeting judges not to comply with the purpose of this campaign
(12) The act that our meeting judges to be vicious or inappropriate
(13) In addition, act to be similar to each front issue

■Immunity from responsibility, others
・The function of the campaign page operating our meeting without an obstacle or this campaign or a campaign page does not perform any guarantee about interruption, the thing that I do not stop.
・Our meeting shall be settled in the responsibility and the expense of the participant about a trouble, the dispute between between the participants of this campaign or a participant and third parties, and our meeting does not participate at all.
・Our meeting does not take responsibility for the damage, a loss, the disadvantage that occurred about thing or not having been able to participate, these other campaigns that a participant participated in this campaign at all.
・When a reason to become a direct cause of the damage occurrence depends on the intention of our meeting or a gross error, about the immunity from responsibility of our meeting, I shall not apply it.
・I change our meeting without notifying (all or part), a participant of this campaign beforehand or may cancel it. In addition, when I judge that it is necessary, I can change this essential point without the notice to an applicant and decide to be able to take measures necessary to find the appropriate operation of this campaign.
・The Internet connection fee that the application of this campaign costs and communication costs of the applicant burden you.
■A governing law and jurisdiction
・Japanese law is applied to the matter about this campaign. In addition, about our meeting about this campaign and dispute between the participant, I assume Sendai District Court an exclusive agreement competent court of the first trial.

Participation essential point, Terms of Use



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