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Restaurant bar yotsu leaf

Eating and drinking in the shop are possible, too! Takeout is ... ^^ during the enforcement sequentially, too
Local people moco bowl (with salad) 650 yen
omuhayashiraisu bowl 580 yen
Hash and rice 730 yen (tax-excluded)
Menu in the shop
‼For a limited time‼
Cream croquette lunch
(with a fried prawn)
500 yen
Today's lunch
500 yen
Roasted meat lunch
650 yen
Pork cutlet lunch
700 yen
Deep-fried chicken lunch
550 yen
Recommended lunch
yotsu leaf specially made Neapolitan
(with salad)
550 yen
(with salad)
580 yen
Local people moco bowl
(with salad)
650 yen
※Rice serving a large helping of is 50 yen increase
※The price is all tax-included
Eating and drinking store's name  Restaurant bar yotsu leaf
The location  1-1-12, Tsukidateyakushi, Kurihara-shi
Business hours
  ※An order reservation receptionist is possible from 9:30 
    ※Inquiry (the special order lunch, please be reserved up to three days before) required
    ※I accept the delivery area in two or more only in Tsukidate district.
Regular holiday
  On Sunday second fourth Monday
Association of general Kurihara-shi sightseeing product
Sightseeing in Kurihara-shi business and industry sightseeing Heta garden section
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