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Support projects such as new coronavirus infectious disease measures sale

A poor person helps it! Peddling assistant sangyoshosukesan!
I am affected by the new coronavirus infectious disease and support all of companies which lost a sales floor by the decrease in special events!
[recruitment of branch, exhibitors!]
 I support the company which lost a sales floor and a sale opportunity!
 ・Of moving periodical event, "well, wa - ru mall" holding
 ・Consignment sales by the secretariat
 ・New coronavirus infectious disease measures supports such as events
 ・Search for sales floor and matching with facilities
[a held place offer!]
 I perform the attracting tourist to the city facilities!

 ・I make turnout by synergy by the event holding
 ・I plan the matching with the company
For more details, please contact a reference of the lower page.
ma, wa - ru mall
With ma, the wa - ru mall…?
While I leave "the interval" (ma) of a shop and the shop, and a new coronavirus infectious disease takes measures, it is a "mawa - ru" movement type sale event every week in an area from the area in Kurihara-shi♪
・Both the shop and the holding place change every week!
・I make the advance reservations of the purchase product if I can have notification over an email, SNS, a telephone.
The details are this↓
Holding date and time/holding place
Sunday, June 21, 2020 10:00 -/Roadside Station way field village hanayama
Sunday, June 28, 2020 10:00 -/mountain station kurikoma
Feel free to contact me!


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