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Local support budget hotels get a 3,000 yen circle, and they campaign

We are advantageous and stay in the budget hotel in the city, and let's get a coupon!

Campaign summary

It discounts hotel charges 1,000 yen for the hotel guest of a budget hotel and the inn and distributes a coupon for 2,000 yen as the price for meal, souvenir in addition.
※I assume it the end as soon as I reach 10,000 people.
※With the furtherance business that support gift certificate and country or Miyagi performs in Kurihara-shi stores cannot use it together.
※It is one week from issuance on the expiration date of the coupon.

Enforcement period

Until from Saturday, August 1, 2020 to Sunday, February 28, 2021
※It is finished as soon as I reach 10,000 people.

The target accommodations

Classification Facilities name Address Telephone
Budget hotel City hotel Kurihara 1, Tsukidatemiyanochuo, Kurihara-shi-3-4 0228-22-6111
Budget hotel Hotel will bataya 2, Tsukidateizu, Kurihara-shi - 5-39 0228-22-2053
Budget hotel Budget hotel Tsukidate 4, Tsukidateyakushi, Kurihara-shi - 11-21 0228-22-8888
Hotel Hotel grand plaza Urashima Kurihara-shi Tsukidate character lower Miyanocho lower 18 0228-22-4155
Learning facilities Lake Kurihara-shi Izu interchange center Pass through Hataoka cormorant in Kurihara-shi Wakayagi character; swamp 61-1 0228-33-2831
Budget hotel Budget hotel & panshon Wakayagi Kurihara-shi Wakayagi character 41-3, Minamicho, Kawaminami 0228-35-3080
Budget hotel anekkusuhoteruabe Kurihara-shi Wakayagi character 24-3, Tsutsumidori, Kawaminami 0228-23-7411
Farmhouse guest house A village of Ariga "increased" kuriharashiwakayanagiyugajiho 6 0228-32-5857
Inn Abe inn Kurihara-shi Wakayagi character 40, Minamicho, Kawaminami 0228-32-2303
Guest house Vacation rental yamazaki 2, Yakawa in Wakayanagishimohataoka, Kurihara-shi 080-5554-3635
Guest house Guest house Ohata Kurihara-shi Wakayagi character lower Hataoka Ohata 54 0228 33-2,621
The simple lodgings Kurikomakogen nature school Kurihara-shi Kurikoma Ko Numakura British average 57-1 0228 46-2,626
Budget hotel Hotel art in Sugawara 35, Muikamachi, Kurikomaiwagasaki, Kurihara-shi 0228-45-2035
Inn Okamoto inn Kurikomaiwagasaki, Kurihara-shi 31, Moniwa-cho 0228-45-1137
Vacation rental House of relief Kurikomanumakura, Kurihara-shi Hoke-kyo sutra meditation hall 34 090-7522-5817
Farmhouse guest house Dodge farm in and see it 8, Kannarikamitomida, Kurihara-shi 0228-42-2194
Inn Sato inn 2-8 in front of Uehara, Kannariarikabe, Kurihara-shi 0228-44-2007 
Hotel hoteruepoka 279-2, Shiwahimeshinkumaya, Kurihara-shi 0228-23-8866


Please apply for "local support budget hotels to hotels during a 3,000 yen circle profit campaign" period.
 When you make check-in (reception desk) at hotels, please fill in an application
 For details, in reference to the following, please refer over the homepage of each accommodation or a telephone.


About a coupon

I can use the coupon for shopping for 1,000 yen, a meal, other applicable services with one piece.
After checking a use of coupon dealer, please use it.

You cannot buy it with a coupon

I cannot use the coupon for the following use.
①Labor ⑥ national tax, local rates, the fee for use or other tax taxation that are provided in the sex culture-related special business to prescribe in law (1948 law No. 122) Article 2 Paragraph 5 about the adequacy of real estate ② securities, payment on delivery-type voucher or other financial products ③ gift certificates, regulation such as the high thing ④ cigarette ⑤ business of offering food and entertainment of prepaid card or other realization characteristics and duties

Precautions, verboten

  • You can use the coupon in a use of coupon dealer.
  • I cannot exchange the coupon for cash.
  • The change is not paid to the shopping with the coupon.
  • The coupon without the coupon number becomes invalid.
  • The coupon without mention of the issuance accommodations becomes invalid.
  • For theft, the loss of the coupon or loss, the publisher does not take the responsibility.
  • The coupon that it was past an expiration date becomes invalid.
  • I prohibit the resale of the coupon.

The store where a coupon is usable

The mark of the shop where this seal, poster are usable!

The additional store is this!

Tsukidate, Shiwa princess, Takashimizu, Semine area (August 8 update)

Wakayagi, Kanari area (August 8 update)

Kurikoma, bush warbler swamp area (August 8 update)

ichihaku, Hanayama area (July 31 update)

The list of stores downloading where a coupon is usable

Tsukidate, Shiwa princess, Takashimizu, Semine area


Wakayagi, Kanari area


Kurikoma, bush warbler swamp area


ichihaku, Hanayama area


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