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Of the Kurikoma foot of a mountain burgeon; a stamp rally
From Tuesday, December 1, 2020 to Wednesday, June 30, 2021
"It burgeons of the Kurikoma foot of a mountain", and a local product of the Kurihara area is used for an authorized product.
By enjoying an authorized product, Daichi can realize the connection with iku mumegumito us.
The Kurikoma foot of a mountain Geopark wants to push forward an approach to be able to help local farmers supporting a local restaurant and company, the people.
You change everyday one meal to "the action" to support an area, and do you not contribute in the future of Kurihara?
Implementation period: From Tuesday, December 1, 2020 to Wednesday, June 30, 2021
 ※The lottery of the premium performs twice of March, 2021 (the first lottery) and July (the second lottery).
Premium contents: A perfect prize "specialist in topography and geo-tour to walk" (17 stamps)
     The first class "assorted cake, ice of the authorized product" (12-16 stamps)
     The second class "Kurikoma foot of a mountain Geopark original goods set" (7-11 stamps)
     The third class "neck strap" (3-6 stamps)
In addition, I present an original can batch on the spot when I get a stamp in Kurikoma foot of a mountain Geopark visitor center during a period!
※This stamp is not usable for premium application.
<stamp rally mount distribution place>
* Authorized store (rally participation store)
* Kurikoma-Kogen Station (Geopark signboard, information)
* General branch (all ten places of city)
* Citizen's activity support center
* Commercial and industrial meeting (four)
* Tourist facility (Hosokura mine park, Lake Izu, inner marsh sanctuary center bird building, konchu building)
* Direct sale place (station kurikoma, kuriden of the mountain, state of things MARCHE, agurikko Kanari, Ayamenosato)
* The accommodations (hotel grand plaza Urashima, hotel will bataya, city hotel Kurihara, budget hotel Tsukidate, anekkusuhoteruabe)
* Convenience store (FamilyMart Satodani store)
<rule of the stamp rally>
①At a store providing an authorized product, I do shopping 500 yen or more or a meal.
②On a stamp rally mount, I recruit the number of the necessary stamps for each premium.
③You cut a postcard part (the back side a stamp mount), and you fill in the requirements and put a stamp, and please mail it.
I exchange the election with shipment.
The application is possible in several times of one, but the election is only one about each lottery time.

For more details, please see the following flyer.

The details of products from Geopark application!

iOS is this

Android is this!

The HP of the Kurikoma foot of a mountain Geopark from this!



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