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About new coronavirus infection measures 
Based on prevention of Miyagi, Kurihara-shi infection spread guidelines, I perform infectious disease prophylaxis.


◎On the date
  From Saturday, September 18, 2021 to 19th Sunday
 [rain or shine]
  Both days 10:00-19:30

  Music event  :Hosokura mine park bandstand
           ※Uguisuzawanango, Kurihara-shi Yanagisawa 2-3
  A camping event: Kanada forest Park
           ※Uguisuzawanango, Kurihara-shi Otake 2-90

◎Participation condition [common]
  The participation condition is as follows. When you cannot consent to a condition, please refrain from participation.
  In addition, please note that I may decline it about the person who was not able to cooperate in the past equally.

  ①Please approve of the idea of the event.
  ②Please look after the rule (participation condition) of the event.
  ③Please consent to the use of the right of likeness.
  ④Please look after a public manner.
  ⑤I cannot take the responsibility about the trouble that occurred during movement of the day of the event.
   I recommend participation to liability insurance.

◎Participation application method
  You download a style than the following, and, after filling out the requirements, please apply by an email.
  But when it reaches the offer staff, I close an application and will tell you in association of Kurihara-shi sightseeing product HP or SNS (Facebook) of the Hosokura music paradise executive committee.
 Please refer for an inquiry that you deal with a participation application or the inquiry that you maintain the whole event in an email or the messengers to Kurihara-shi sightseeing product association or the Hosokura music paradise executive committee.

  After checking an offer essential point, you mail submission or please submit it to the following by an E-mail.
 Mail: Association of Kurihara-shi sightseeing product
      284-3, Shiwahimeshinkumaya, Kurihara-shi, Miyagi
      A telephone: 0228-25-4166
      FAX: 0228-25-4182
      An E-mail:

 ◇The measures such as storms are by each person, please.
 ◇I will announce the notification of cancellation of the event by abnormal weather and the state of emergency in SNS at 17:00 of the day before.
 ◇In the case of held reduction and cancellation by the inevitability not to depend on the responsibility of the sponsor, I hold it in a form called "postponement" in spring of the next year without being famed with "cancellation". The entrance fee carries it over (as for the schedule, missing at present). 

You download the following offer essential point, and, during a detailed offer period, please confirm a participation condition, the submission for the entrance fee
※The person applied for, please read an offer essential point by all means.


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Camping event site

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